Help A School Teacher

What if you were your child’s teacher? What if you had a million things to do before school started tomorrow? What if someone offered to help do tasks that didn’t require your personal attention?

You can be that caring individual that shows up with 20 to 30 minutes of spare time to help out with an extra pair of hands.

Today’s goal is: Offer to help your child’s teacher organize pieces of a school project.

When the school year is beginning and there are a lot of things every teacher needs help with, a volunteer is a beautiful sight. My kids’ teachers had sign up sheets to help parents know the areas of need. One teacher needed a library resource parent. Another needed a holiday party organizer. I chose to sign up for the book fair parent team.

If working on an after-school project for your kids’ teacher doesn’t fit your schedule, ask about another area of need. There’s always room for one more caring helper.

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