Be A Mentor

For a few years, I’ve been attending a writers’ critique group at my mentor’s house. She is an awesome encourager. I really listen to her suggestions to see how I can improve my skills in general, not just correct the errors.

From her I’ve learned that in order to be a mentor, you don’t have to know everything, you just have to know a lot and dare to share. She certainly knows a lot. She’s sold over a million copies of her books. But there are questions she admits to making a good guess at.

Today’s goal is: Offer to mentor someone who is learning a skill you have achieved some success at.

Teaching someone to do something you do well can be a challenge, but one with great reward. My son is learning how to do the grocery shopping. This is a skill he’ll need when he gets old enough to live on his own. I’ve shown him the Nutrition Facts label and how to prioritize the various facts. He has asked to buy a product and proven that it’s nutritious enough by comparing it to another similar product with less nutrition.

I don’t know everything about shopping and cooking, but what I do know, I share. Mentoring my son in this skill allows him to make choices that help the family. I’m sure he’ll make good decisions when he’s on his own. Learning how to shop wisely now gives him plenty of time to practice before that day comes.

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