Generosity Jar

Giving can be an attack on greed. Anytime you find yourself feeling envious of those who seem to be richer than you, pick out someone to give to. Greed and hoarding lose their footing in the heart of a giver. They fall away and become weak.

The giver must be wise with what they have, but being wise isn’t the same as keeping whatever you have to yourself. Keep a roof over your head and food in your belly, but give away some of your “extra” money.

If you pay for things with paper bills and keep the coins (the change) in a special container, the coins will add up to a surprising amount faster than you think. If you put aside a generosity jar and fill it with your change, you can take it to the bank and exchange it for bills to be used for a specific donation.

Today’s goal is: Begin keeping change in a large container in your home. Write a note on the jar that describes where the money is going when the jar is filled.

If every time you see that jar you thank God for meeting your needs, your motivation to meet someone else’s needs may rise. And the joy of giving builds.

If you don’t know which family or charity to give the donation to, just ask God to direct you to the recipient He chooses. And keep your eyes open.

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