3 Excellent Ways to Encourage Others

To encourage someone is to bolster, support, or strengthen them. Who in your life needs to hear a “You can do it” from you?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I called my friend who had a baby at home. I was feeling a little unsettled, and I needed her to get me out of my worry mode. She calmly spoke to me about her experience and cheered me up.

After she helped me change my attitude in those few moments, I could face my day standing a little taller, a little bolder.

I was grateful to her for lifting me up with her words. It was a big thing for me in that moment and just a little time on the phone for her.

Today’s goal is: Call, text, or email someone with a message of encouragement.

Do you know someone who needs your encouragement today? It’s a small effort for the giver, but a big benefit for the receiver.

Actually, it’s a big benefit for the giver too. Standing alongside someone who feels weak can turn your day around.

If you find yourself feeling uninspired or unappreciated, lift up someone who needs a break or is feeling lonely. Give that person a reason to smile again. Your friendly assurances will be remembered by the person you helped, but you’ll also have a feeling of satisfaction that won’t melt away by the end of the day.

Make a list of the people you know who may need a kind word. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Pregnant women need encouragement from an understanding friend. They often feel too tired or too big or both. They’re going through a lot of body changes, and hormones are through the roof. They could use a little support and a kind word. I’m sure they wouldn’t refuse a compliment. Text a friend who’s pregnant. Share some love and emojis.
  2. Your good friend who is a new mom with a baby at home needs encouragement and probably a nap. She’s basically a zombie because she doesn’t get much sleep at first after bringing home a new family member. Give her a break with an offer to hold her baby, maybe rocking it back to sleep while the mom gets to have a decent adult conversation. That would be welcomed by most of your new mom friends. Text or email your friend and try to schedule a visit.
  3. An elderly friend or family member needs encouragement. If you know them well, you probably know exactly what to say to make them smile. You can try to make it a quick call, but if they were feeling lonely, you might want to stay on the phone with them and listen to them tell about the event they attended last week and their plans for next week.

These are excellent ways to encourage someone. But there are more than three ways to do that. I have a list of five additional ways to encourage others in a free downloadable pdf.
Click here to download them. (All I ask is for a quick share of this article in return. Click now, and then share.)

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